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The Hanyang University Hospital (HYUH) Biomedical Research Institute was established in 2017 to vitalize clinical medical research and clinical trials, and has actively carried out multiple activities such as workforce planning of the Clinical Trial Center, Bio Convergence Medical Device Center, Biobank, and Medical Information Center, and building research infrastructure.

HYUH seeks to be the best hospital in Asia and to be an affiliated hospital of a traditional and prestigious private school that has produced current excellent clinical outcomes even in the face of numerous adversities since it opened in 1972.

This potential is proven by being selected for a leading physician scientist training project in 2019. Accordingly, this hospital is supported by the government, funding KRW 1.5 billion. This grant is a foundation for HYUH to develop into a research-oriented medical institution.

All parties and staff in this institute will do their best for researchers who have been involved tirelessly in clinical studies, so they can conveniently conduct scientific studies, achieve excellent results from high-level early-stage to late-stage clinical trials for various diseases, and develop new local drugs and medical devices.

President of the Biomedical Research Institute at HYUH

Kim, Sang Heon

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Promotion of human health and practice of care through creative convergence research

  • Fostering global physician scientists with creativity-convergence

  • Medical research institute leading future-type convergence research

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  • 2017
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      Established Biomedical Research Institute

  • 2019
    • 7.

      Appointed Professor Choi, Dong Ho (Dept. of General Surgery) as the vice president of research at Hanyang University Hospital

    • 11.

      Appointed as director of Biomedical Research Institute at Hanyang University Hospital

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