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Human Biobank

Recently, we observed the strengthening of translational research. That is, rather than focusing on basic research itself, it is crucial to present a reasonable research model that can apply clinical medical technology to relevant studies and can conduct integrated R&D jointly with basic and clinical researchers, and with the pharmaceutical industry by grafting research outcomes into clinical trials. This indicates a shift to basic research based on actual clinical trials, not a shift from “basic to clinical research.” For this, the importance of clinical specimens from actual patients is critical.

The Biobank is an organization responsible for collecting, storing, processing, and distributing specimens as a specimen bank. It does not simply refer to a physical place or space, but is a concept that encompasses the overall activities of this organization.

The HYUH Biobank, which will be established on an expanded scale in the future, will have sufficient professional staff and committees to store, manage (QA), and distribute high-quality clinical specimens based on the know-how of the existing human material bank of the rheumatoid hospital. We will strive to vitalize future clinical and joint studies by exchanging specimens with excellent researchers.

Director of the HYUH Human Biobank

Myung, Jae Kyung

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This Center aims to contribute to vitalizing clinical and basic research by storing and managing clinical information for biological resources such as tissues, body fluids, cells, blood, and strains obtained from the human body and by providing them ethically and fairly to researchers.

  • A world-class human biological material bank for research that contributes to the development of biomedical science

  • A human material bank trusted by domestic and foreign researchers

  • A human material bank serving as the basis for translational research in life science

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  • 2017
    • 9.

      Appointed Professor Jang, Ki Seok (Dept. of Pathology) as director of Biobank

  • 2021
    • 3.

      Appointed Professor Myung, Jae Kyung (Dept. of Pathology) as the second director of Biobank

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