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Human Research Protection Center

With the rapid global expansion of clinical trials, there is a growing awareness of the importance of human subject protection. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Ministry of Health and Welfare are actively working to establish related systems. In line with this, HYUH established the HRPC to systematically and effectively protect subjects.

This center operates a program called Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) to protect the safety and rights of human subjects, and to further improve the study quality by upholding clinical study ethics. HRPC members carry out various tasks such as enactment and revision of regulations on in-hospital clinical study and ethics based on domestic and foreign laws, management of the compliance and violations of regulations by investigators, support of self-inspection quality assurance (QA) activities for in-hospital studies, reception of inquiries from study participants and study-related staff, employee education, and Institutional Review Board (IRB) support.

We will do our best to establish an ethical clinical research culture for subjects and researchers in line with the vision of Hanyang University Medical Center as a “research-oriented hospital leading the future of medicine.”

Director of the Human Research Protection Center at the Biomedical Research Institute of HYUH

Sung, Yoon Kyoung

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In accordance with the motto of Hanyang University, 'Love in Deed and Truth', we aim to protect researchers and research subjects, and establish a scientific and ethical clinical research culture.

  • Establishing a protection system for research subjects and researchers

  • Fostering experts to conduct ethical and scientific research

  • Build credibility of clinical research through systemic quality control

  • Establishing rational policies for conducting efficient research

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  • 2020
    • 6.

      Established Human Protection Research Center

    • 6.

      Professor Sung, Yoon Kyoung (Dept. of Rheumatology) appointed as director of Human Protection Research Center

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